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Misconceptions of Working with a NYC Professional Organizer: Part 2

Pro Org misconceptionsWelcome to part two of our “Misconceptions of Working with a NYC Professional Organizer” series (see Part 1 here), where we’ll continue sharing the last four of the top eight misconceptions of working with a NYC Professional Organizer. Once you’ve made it through these final four misconceptions, we trust your anxiety will be eased and you’ll be open to sharing a successful experience working together!

5.       You can do this WITHOUT me.

We could do it all ourselves, but we won’t. Our NYC Professional Organizer needs to know what is most important to you and what will work best for your specific needs. If we complete the journey of home or office organizing in NYC without you, there’s a chance we may inadvertently discard something of value, or create a system that just doesn’t work for the unique person you are. More importantly, in order for you to benefit from this experience, you need to be involved.

6.       You’re going to tell everyone about me.

Never! As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), our NYC Professional Organizer is bound by a code of ethics. In addition, our company policy is to never disclose a client’s identity and/or any confidential information about them. I may use client testimonials, and in some cases, their before/after photography (always with permission) in my marketing materials.

7.       Home/office organizing in NYC can be done in a day.

Sorry, but no! What you see on “reality” TV isn’t often reality, and those shows that feature a space fully reorganized in a day aren’t portraying an accurate reflection of what it’s like to have a space professional organized. On those TV shows, there’s usually a team of skilled individuals working together to re-organize… And it doesn’t happen in the 30-60 minutes of broadcasted programming. Our NYC Professional Organizer takes her time working with you on custom solutions and designing unique organizing systems.

8.       Your home/office must always be perfect.

Not at all! Just like everyone else, our NYC Professional Organizer must periodically update her systems to accommodate changes in her work flow and personal life. That’s what getting organized is all about; identifying your issues and creating a workable and sustainable system you’re happy working with and maintaining.

By dissecting these common misconceptions, we hope to have warmed you to the notion of working with our NYC Professional Organizer. It’s simply not as daunting as it may seem – and we promise it can be enjoyable. The outcome certainly will be! So, fight your fears and start getting organized today by reaching out to our team.

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