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My Favorite Clutter Clearing Questions

I have been sharing strategies for decluttering  your workspace so you can embrace the small space mindset. So far, I’ve shared tips for effectively using your calendar to schedule decluttering time and for being systematic as you clear the clutter. Now I’m going to share my third strategy. I will be focusing on decision making and sharing my favorite clutter clearing questions.

Once you have done the first pass through your stuff and made the easy decisions, it’s time for additional passes and the tougher decisions. It’s important to remember that your space is cluttered because you postponed making decisions about what to do with the files, books, memorabilia, etc as they collected.  

Or if you are like my client and I caution you to not to do this…. you collect all the stuff that is cluttering your space in bags or bins and just move them to another area. They’re out of sight, out of mind… that is until that space has to be used.

I suggest that instead you ask yourself these 4 questions while sorting the piles. They will help you make the decisions that will clear your space.

Where can I get another copy if I ever need it? 

If you know where you found the information, who originated it or where it is filed, you can comfortably shred or recycle the documents.

Does this require any action? 

In the piles of paper, you may find bills to pay or documents concerning a pending issue or task that still needs to be done.  Keep an eye out for these as you’re sorting through the piles.

Are there tax or legal implications?

The decisions regarding this type of paperwork will be easier.  You may find tax receipts that should be scanned or executed copies of agreements that need to be kept.

Do you have a specific reason for keeping a specific item?

For example, you may have memorabilia that is taking up valuable space on your desk. This is a good time to reduce the amount to those 1 or 2 items that have the greatest significance.

I hope my favorite clutter clearing questions are helpful as you weed through the piles. If you have a home office and are interested in additional strategies for creating an organized space, this podcast interview that I did will be helpful. Check it out.

If you have any questions concerning how to get started, let’s talk.

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