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My Favorites: Virtual Home Office Organizing Case Studies

As a Certified Virtual Professional Organizer™, I can now work with clients both locally and in other parts of the country or world. We are living in unusual times and finding alternate ways to stay organized and productive is so essential. My clients were struggling to work more effectively from home. Fortunately, we were able to customize solutions for them so that their virtual home office organizing projects could be successfully completed.

Virtual Home Office Organizing Case Study: Creating a Professional Space

My client, who is a banker in NYC, was fortunate to have a home office in a corner of his finished basement. So, when the pandemic hit, he had a workspace ready to go. However, 3 months into working from home, my client was advised that he wouldn’t be going back to the office until at least the fall. It was way past time to create a more professional and productive space.

Virtual Home Office Organizing Case Study: Back at the Desk

As a small business owner, it can be hard to keep both your business office and home office organized. This was the issue facing my client who is a talent agent. Due to her long workdays, her home workspace was out of control…and then there was lockdown. She hadn’t seen the top of her desk in years and was forced to work on the couch. It was now time to tackle the piles and get her back working at the desk.

Does Virtual Home Office Organizing Work?

Yes! Over a number of years, my client’s home office became cluttered with all the items that weren’t easily put away. He would get stressed out and overwhelmed by just walking by his home office. It was time to create a really efficient home office where all items had a home and he could calmly tackle tasks.  This is exactly what we did.

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