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My Favorites: What is Virtual Organizing?

With the summer quickly winding down, we’ll start spending more time indoors. Having an organized, uncluttered space will be very calming in today’s high stress world. Busy schedules and overflowing to-do lists won’t prevent you from getting organized. Virtual organizing sessions may be just the solution for you. They are only an hour, can be scheduled at a convenient time and are very focused so your progress will be visible sooner than during an in-person meeting. Here is some more information about this more affordable way to get organized.

What is Virtual Organizing…Is it for You?

As a NYC Professional Office Organizer, my meetings with clients were usually in-person. With the onset of COVID-19 and the lockdown, I started providing some services virtually. This includes home office, filing system, decluttering and time management projects. In every case my clients have achieved their goals. Virtual organizing might not be the right solution for everyone or every project. In the right situation, it is very effective.

Virtual Organizing Sessions & Reality TV

A recent entry in the crowded field of reality programs focuses on virtual organizing. As with all programming in this genre, it is essential to remember that these episodes are made for TV.

Only a small portion of the work required to organize the space was actually shown. With the amount of clutter, there had to be additional assistance behind the scenes. There were a number of differences between this program and how my sessions are handled.

5 Things Clients Love About Virtual Organizing Sessions

I am a Certified Virtual Professional Organizer™ and have done a lot of work with clients in their home offices as well as other areas of their homes. For those of you who are unfamiliar with virtual organizing, it is a process for getting organized by using technology (like Zoom). My clients now have functional home workspaces… which are so important these days…as well as less cluttered homes and really love working this way.

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