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NYC Professional Office Organizer: A Look Back at the Last Decade

Along with January comes the emphasis on the new year, new you, time for changes… but this January has a unique spin. This is also the beginning of the new decade. Social media has been filled with posts looking back at the past decade – what changed, what stayed the same. I have been doing the same thing from the perspective of a NYC Professional Office Organizer. Over the past 10 years there have been many changes in how we work…so join me on a quick trip down memory lane.

Tech Has Made Life Easier

Do you remember when your cell phone didn’t have internet capability? The ease of access that we have on our smartphones now was just beginning at the start of the last decade. With the introduction of apps, email is promptly accessible on our phones or tablets. We can download tools to help manage our calendars, your to-do lists, and so much more. This feels like second nature now, but it was only a decade ago that social media as we know it today really started to take off – Facebook’s mobile app became available in 2010! Having these tech tools at our fingertips has changed the game and making connecting with colleagues, clients, and customers instantaneous.

More Digital, Less Paper

There was a time where all information was written down. Every single file, every single contract, every single communication was printed out and stored in ever-growing files. Over the last decade as technology has advanced, we’ve been able to eliminate the need for the excess paper. You can sign contracts virtually, emails have all but replaced many forms of written correspondence, and as we become more environmentally conscious, we are using less and less paper in the office. In addition, there are an ever-increasing number of companies that have well established digital filing systems and are making the transition to a more paperless office.

Workspaces Have Changed

Instead of large buildings full of large private offices, the trends have changed over the last decade to include different options. Workspaces are smaller, laptops take up less space then the bigger desktop computers of the early 2000s. Open office spaces have become popular, taking down the cubicle walls and encouraging coworkers to engage and collaborate. All of which as resulted in additional challenges in staying focused and on task.

Growth of Virtual Offices

Virtual offices have become a popular alternative, offering workspaces for small business owners and entrepreneurs without the significant expense of owning or leasing their own office space. Beyond the growth of coworking spaces, many other business establishments have started to offer wifi services and space to host meetings for businesses, making it really simple to run a business without a traditional office setting. However, it’s more important than ever to maximize these smaller spaces and have effective systems in place to manage daily activities.

More Opportunities for Remote Work

Not only have workspaces changed over the last decade, but so has the ability to work remotely. What used to be seen as a rare luxury has become much more common. With that comes the need for dedicated and organized home office spaces as well as improved communication and technology advancements. Remote work offers the flexibility many people want, but also has its own unique organizing challenges that need to be addressed in order for this to be a successful option.

As we look back on the last decade and all the various changes to the workplace, one thing is evident – office organizing is just as important as ever. For more hands-on office organizing strategies and support as you gear up for the next decade, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer today.

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