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NYC Professional Office Organizer Case Study: Home Office Organizing

My client has a large family, recently received her master’s degree, is planning her daughter’s wedding and is in the process of the next best step concerning her career as a chaplain. As a result of this very overflowing plate, she is constantly pulled in different directions at the same time trying to juggle family matters with potential career opportunities. Staying focused and carefully managing all the tasks to completed in the different facets of her life is essential. We have set up systems for her but whenever life gets out of control – which happens periodically – she doesn’t always stick with them which adds to the chaos. In her case, important materials are left in tote bags scattered around her home, piles sprout up on her desk and other surfaces in her office and her to-do list and calendar aren’t kept up to date. The end result is a cluttered home office that spills over into the rest of her home.


Systems have been created for sorting and organizing both the papers and stuff that clutters her home office. When life happens and the space bears the brunt of this, we immediately get to work. My client needs help jumpstarting the process of re-organizing her home office. She knows what to do and can quickly make decisions regarding each item as we systematically go through the piles, bags and other containers of items that have collected. We file, set up new folders, recycle and remove items that belong in other parts of her home.


While the systems were originally customized for my client, we have tweaked them as she has moved into different chapters of her life. The ultimate objective is for her to develop habits that are easily maintained so that she will continue to be more productive and get more done each day. We have worked together for a long time and her accomplishments have been many… getting better organized is just one.

What my Client Says

Stephanie Shalofsky has helped me create and re-create my life and my dreams. As we sort through piles on top of my desk, my end purpose becomes crystalized. I can advance in that direction, one manageable goal at a time. This has amounted to a published novel, a master’s degree, chaplaincy work and a plan to re-organize my office. With steady indefatigable energy, Stephanie will get you to where you are going!

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