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NYC Professional Office Organizer Shares Home Office Case Study

Creating an organized workspace in your home is necessary when you are trying to improve your productivity, and even more important when you are exploring new opportunities. A new client contacted me after recently being laid off from his managerial position in a small company. I was tasked with setting up a functional and organized home office space for him. Since he planned to explore job opportunities that would allow him to work from home having an efficient space was a high priority. To do so effectively, this NYC Professional Office Organizer implemented innovating home office organizing solutions that created a fully equipped workspace within his apartment.

A look at the before:

– Newly added home office equipment was overcrowding the existing computer desk and was encroaching on the living room
– The desk was cluttered with papers and personal items
– Paperwork had been collected in a carton and not filed
– Overflow from the home office desk was stacked on built-in bookshelves adjacent to the desk
– Nearby closets were overflowing with household goods and office supplies

This NYC Professional Office Organizer’s plan included:

– Re-positioning the home office equipment to minimize the impact on the living space
– Setting up in/out boxes for improved paperwork flow on desk
– Creating files and filing paperwork
– De-cluttering the desk and bookshelves
– Re-arranging closets to better organize home office supplies and household goods making both more accessible

What the client said:

“I can work so much more efficiently in my home office now that it has been re-organized and, most important, it only takes up one corner of my living room! I can’t wait to get started on my next endeavor.”

An organized home office space is crucial when transitioning from corporate life to working from home. As you dig into organizing and decluttering your workspace, make sure to reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer for more home office organizing tips and strategies.

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