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NYC Professional Office Organizer Shares Recycling Events & Donation Suggestions

Starting off the new year organized and productive starts by decluttering your workspace. Take advantage of the various programs and events in the NYC area to help you donate and recycle the items you no longer need. Here is a list of upcoming events compiled by this NYC Professional Office Organizer. If you are located in another part of the country, check online as there may be similar type events in your neighborhood.


The 15th Annual After the Holidays E-Waste Collection. The Lower East Side Ecology Center has set up e-waste collections sites throughout the city each Saturday and Sunday through the month of January. They collect working and non-working computers, monitors, printers, scanners, keyboards, mice, cables, audio/visual equipment, phones and other electronic devices. Now is a great time to rid your office of the excess clutter! Event locations include Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. You can find dates and locations right here.

Stop ‘N Swap. For other items that you want to remove from your office and home, such as clothing, books, and other portable items (no furniture or large items are allowed), these events should be on your must check out list. You bring your unwanted items and other people who may need or want them can take them. In turn, you are welcome to take any item that you may need. Upcoming events are in Elmhurst, West Village, and Staten Island.


Donate business clothing. As you pare down your closets and get rid of the business clothing that you no longer wear, consider donating it to local organizations that are giving back to your community. In NYC, you can donate men’s business clothing, including suits, dress pants, dress shoes, etc., to Career Gear. For women’s business clothing, such as suits, dress shoes, etc., you can donate to Dress for Success.

Recycle. Start off the new year with recycling goals for your office. Reduce your carbon footprint by recycling paper and creating a recycling program if one isn’t already mandated for you. You can limit junk mail and reduce catalog waste by utilizing these tips .

Shredding. As you organize and sort through your end of year paperwork, make sure you protect your identity and your business and clients by shredding documents rather than just throwing them away. Local business offer shredding services, such as FedEx, Staples, or try a NYC company like Time Shred Services or ProShred Security.

As you prepare for a productive year, take advantage of the local donation and recycling events and programs to rid your workspace from clutter. For more office organizing strategies, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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