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NYC Professional Office Organizer’s 5 Tips to a Successful Office Move

You have decided the time has come to move your company to new space….the entire process sure can feel daunting! When you are moving your office, you need to be organized, have a well thought out plan and efficiently settle into your new space with minimal disruption. Here are 5 simple organizing tips from your NYC Professional Office Organizer to help you as you begin the office moving process.

Use an office move checklist. Just like any other work project, you need to have a way to keep track of everything that needs to be done. Without an office move checklist, you are left hoping that you didn’t miss anything important. Several months before your move, take time to create the checklist. You can download this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s office move checklist here and adapt it to fit your business.

Create an inventory. Make sure you create a log of the items that will be making the move to your new space. Be sure to include all of your office furniture and electronic equipment plus accessories like power cords. This is an important piece as you can use your inventory as you unpack to make sure every item finds its way into an appropriate location in the new office. Also, having an office inventory can be helpful for insurance purposes!

Do your research. Don’t just pick the first moving company that pops up on a Google search! Instead, do some research. Ask your colleagues for referrals. Make phone calls and schedule interviews with several companies. Make a list of questions for the prospective movers and compare their answers as you narrow down the choices.

Communicate. This is a key step in the moving process! Share information, timelines and other relevant data with your staff and be accessible as your colleagues, clients, and team may have questions. Be honest as this process can be stressful for everyone. When everyone is in on the process and knows what to expect, the entire moving process will be much smoother.

Don’t be afraid to delegate. You don’t have to do everything on your own. Delegate tasks to your team. Let them each be responsible for an aspect of the move so that no one person is completely overburdened with keeping track of all the details.

By using these 5 office moving tips, you’ll be prepared and ready for moving day! When you need more hands-on help with your office move, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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