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NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Best Decluttering Strategies

Clutter… can’t live with it, but it often feels like you can’t get rid of it, either! Working in a cluttered office brings its own set of challenges. It might take you longer than usual to find an important file, or you may have to search through a cluttered drawer for a paperclip, or you might even miss a deadline on an important task. Your focus and productivity at work can be greatly improved by decluttering your office space. Check out a few of this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s best decluttering blogs.

Guess what? Even Professional Office Organizers need to declutter their offices, too! This was true for me when I was preparing before our apartment renovation project last fall. I took the opportunity to do a thorough sweep of my home office storage closet. Being both the home office organizing client AND the professional office organizer was a challenge! But the organizer in me won out. Read how I tackled my own decluttering project here.

Tackling office clutter is one of those things that we often feel we can put off until another day, until suddenly we are overwhelmed and unfocused at work. The struggle often is where do you start? I’ve broken down the decluttering process into three simple strategies that once implemented will boost your productivity and improve your ability to focus in your workspace. Read more here.

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