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NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Favorite Products for Business Travel

Before heading out on your next business trip this summer, get organized! You’ve been working hard applying tips and tricks from this NYC Professional Office Organizer to your workspace all year long, and now it’s time to take those tips and apply them to your travel prep. Read on for some of my favorite office organizing products that can also come in handy as you travel this summer!

Keep cords organized. When traveling with laptops, tablets, and cell phones, you also have to pack the various cords and cables that you’ll need to stay fully charged on your trip. Instead of throwing everything in your suitcase or in your carry-on bag and hoping for the best, try using a cord labeler like Cord ID Pro. You can color code items for a quick and easy way to identify them, too!

Try out a mid-year planner. It’s not too late to find the perfect planner to keep you organized at work. With another academic year around the corner, the variety of mid-year planners are easily available. Figure out your requirements for a planner first – such as, do you need monthly views, weekly views, or is it important for you to have a daily page? Here are two options to look at –  Moleskine planners for a simple layout or the Franklin Planner for a classic look.

Organize your business cards. This is important especially if you are traveling on a work trip or to a networking event. Using a business card holder not only keeps your business cards safe and easily accessible, but it also provides you an organized way to store any business cards that you might accumulate on your trip. And even if you are on a family vacation, you never know when a networking opportunity may arise and you’ll need to share your business card! You can try something like this card holder that easily fits in your pocket or purse.

Pack your electronics responsibly. It’s easy to forget the small details when you are packing to head out of town, but this is a step you do not want to forget! Whether traveling by air or taking a road trip, keeping your electronics safe is of utmost importance. Take a look at this laptop carrying cases, tablet cases, and if you are flying, check out these checkpoint friendly options.

Staying organized while you travel this summer will make your experience that much easier. For more office organizing tips and strategies from this NYC Professional Office Organizer, reach out today!

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