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NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Favorite Recycling Programs

Spring cleaning your office is the perfect time to explore local recycling options in your area. Whether you need to recycle the piles of excess paper or the old computer system you’ve been holding onto, now is the time to take advantage of the various local events and programs that help make recycling even easier. If you are local to this NYC Professional Office Organizer, check out some of the great NYC recycling events and programs below, plus a few extra that operate throughout the entire country.

Local NYC Events

Stop N’ Swap in Downtown Brooklyn on April 20 or the Upper West Side on April 30. Bring reusable items such as clothing and books, donate them to others, or swap them for an item you may need.

South Bronx Earth Fest on April 22. In celebration of Earth Day, there are many events going on at the Earth Fest. You can recycle unwanted electronics, donate gently used clothing, and participate in a variety of family friendly events.

NYC SAFE Disposal Event in Manhattan on April 30. This is the time to clean out all those extra items you can’t just toss in your weekly garbage pickup. You can safely dispose of electronics and potentially harmful household products like batteries, paint, and pesticides.

Local NYC Recycling Programs

BuildGreen!NYC. If you have recently renovated your office space, you can recycle any leftover construction materials, as well as appliances, office furniture, cabinets, and more.

ReuseNYC Donations Exchange. This program accepts used and surplus materials such as computers, electronics, office equipment, furniture, and office supplies. They help facilitate the exchange from businesses to local nonprofits.

Ongoing Recycling Programs in your area

Staples shredding. Get rid of all that excess paper by taking it to a Staples shredding center. You can find them all over the country. The great thing about Staples is that you can bring documents as is… meaning no need to remove staples or paper clips. Dispose safely and securely any document with sensitive information.

Call2recycle batteries. Find a local donation center and get rid of all those extra batteries taking up space. You can even recycle alkaline and rechargeable batteries, too.

This NYC Professional Office Organizer urges you to check out local recycling options and participate in those programs throughout the year. For more hands-on office organizing tips and strategies, you can reach out to me here.

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