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NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Tips for a Green Office Move

As a result of an office move, there’s a new workspace, boxes of office supplies and files, moving plans and checklists, and inevitably, waste. Perhaps an office move is not the time to worry about your carbon footprint, right? Wrong! This is an ideal time for action and to get involved in preserving and protecting the environment. Here are this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s tips for a green office move.

Declutter first. Before you even start packing, review the items in your office and decide if they all will be needed in your new space. Limiting the items to only the essential ones will also reduce the amount of packing materials needed. Take this time to get rid of the clutter. Don’t just throw these items away – make sure you recycle or donate what you can.

Boxes. There are several options to help reduce waste when it comes to moving boxes. First, think about purchasing used boxes or collecting boxes secondhand from places like Craigslist, freecycle, or even local grocery stores. Another idea is renting reusable bins made of recycled plastic from your moving company instead of purchasing cardboard boxes. If you do opt to purchase new boxes, try to maximize the them so that you limit the quantity needed.

Packing supplies. Instead of buying packing supplies such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and other items that are not easily recycled or reusable, take a look at the items in and around your office space. What can be used as packing supplies? Newspaper, paper to be recycled, or even items from home like towels can be used to pack fragile items. If you do choose to purchase packing supplies, try reusable padding, recyclable packing paper, and biodegradable bubble wrap.

Moving companies. It’s time to research! Whether you are hiring a moving company or renting your own moving truck, there are many moving companies that now offer eco-friendly transportation. This includes trucks that use cleaner biodiesel fuel, LED cargo areas, and offer their own environmentally friendly moving supplies. If you need temporary storage, there are even storage companies that are offering green storage spaces!

After the move. So you’ve moved in to your new office space, unpacked… now what? Donate any unused boxes or boxes still in good condition back to the moving company – many will even buy them back from you. Recycle packing materials and any boxes that can no longer be used for packing. Many green moving companies will also help you with this process.

Use your office move as a chance to declutter your space, but also as a chance to actively take part in preserving and protecting the environment. With a greener move, you are telling your customers that you care! For more office move tips and strategies, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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