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NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Top Home Office Organizing Products

Keeping your home office organized can be tricky. There are client and project files to manage along with the usual assortment of office supplies and tech tools. Of course, there may also be personal items cluttering up your work area. Today I’m focusing on keeping your work-related materials organized. Here are some of this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s favorite organizing products to help keep the work clutter under control.

Storage for the small stuff. Binder clips, excess post-it notes, pens and the like have a way of multiplying and cluttering up our desktops and drawers. Storage for these types of items especially in a home office needs to be functional, attractive and take up as little space as possible. The clear accessory drawers fit the bill and are stackable so that they take up a minimum amount of space. If you have even less space, try these 4-drawer units which are perfect for clips, pens, batteries and all things small. You can even buy 2 units and attach them together.

Inbox. What do you do with all the paperwork entering your home? Keep it simple by designating one location for all mail and paperwork requiring your attention. Set the expectation for all family members to use this one location for incoming paper so that clutter isn’t piling up around your space. If you have the space on your desk, try the Honey Can Do 3 Tier Organizer or the Staples All-in- One Mesh Desk Organizer. If space is an issue, get creative and use the wall space with the Steelmaster Multipurpose Wall Organizer.

Hidden desk. Speaking of space issues… not every home has space for a designated home office, so getting creative and finding space is necessary. You can create a desk space utilizing the space you do have available in your home. Try the Latitude Run Oasis Floating Desk that folds down from the wall, or try a coffee table that lifts into a desk like the Newdale Coffee Table with Lift Top. If you have the wall space for a desk, another option is to use a desk that has doors so when you aren’t working, you can close it up – like the Oxford White Secretary Desk.

Paper shredder. Home offices can get cluttered with extra paperwork due to the addition of personal mail and documents that find their way into the space. It’s important to remember that throwing away bills, mail, and other paperwork that you no longer need isn’t always the safest choice – you need to be sure that key personal and business information is protected. If you don’t have a shredder, try a small one like the Staples Micro-Cut shredder or the Fellowes Powershred.

Color coded file folders. These are a must in any home office! Keeping your personal and business paperwork separate and organized is not always an easy feat, so a filing system is of utmost importance. Make it easier on yourself by creating a color-coded system so you can quickly and easily locate specific work and personal folders. Try the Smead 25-count Hanging Files that come in primary colors or the Pendaflex Earthwise Hanging Folders in jewel tones that are made from recycled materials.

Label maker. When you are working in a combined space, such as a home office that doubles as storage for family items or even a secondary workspace for other family members, an organized storage system is a must. The easiest way to keep your space organized is to use labels. Quickly identify files, storage boxes, containers, and other items by clearly labeling them. You can use a label maker like the Brother P-Touch Label Maker or the Dymo Embossing Label Maker, or try reusable dry-erase labels like these.

Be creative when it comes to selecting home office organizing products. For more home office organizing tips and strategies, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer today!

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