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NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Top Office Move Apps

When planning an office move, it’s important to use all of the tools available to you to keep organized. Though an office move checklist on paper can get the job done, why not check out some of these tech tools that work well with the checklist to keep your project organized! Here are this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s favorite office move apps.

Move Planner for iOS. This app has to-do lists that are completely customizable and can be categorized by subject. You can also assign tasks to different people along with due dates so that everyone will know what they need to do during the office move. This app is great to use as a task list so that you can be sure important steps aren’t missed.

Moving Planner for Android. Much like Move Planner, Moving Planner allows you to create an office move checklist and task lists for the people in your office. This app allows more customizing, including color-coding, and offers premade templates and lists to help you get started.

Moving Van. This app helps you to track and organize the many boxes that will be involved in this move. Though it doesn’t eliminate the need to label your boxes and pack them efficiently, it does help support those tasks and keep the entire project organized. Moving Van allows you to easily catalog all of your items and note their respective cartons, making it so much easier to find essential items quickly when unpacking.

Sortly. This app allows you to categorize your items by room or office, and then allows you to get even more specific by grouping them by category, then box, and so forth. Sortly has a solid search function so you can quickly search through the database to locate your items. Another bonus is the printing feature that allows you to print labels with QR codes so you can catalog your boxes. There are to-do lists available for all moving tasks, and you can back up the entire moving project and lists into Evernote.

Asana. Whether you use Asana as your project management system, or something like Trello or Basecamp, almost all PM systems offer a mobile version. You can use the project features of these apps to create your own to-do list and to act as the office move checklist for the project, but it also offers another important feature. While you are busy moving and unpacking, you can use Asana to stay on top of your tasks for your clients. This helps keep your business moving while you are transitioning into your new space.

With technology at our fingertips, it makes sense to take advantage of the wide variety of office moving apps available to you. When you need more hands-on support for your office move, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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