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NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Top Organizing Product Picks

With spring (though it has been feeling more like summer in NYC) comes tulips, longer days and the annual NAPO conference. This year’s conference keynote by Jones Loflin focused on the necessity for small businesses to be responsive to change. He has created a model, based on the very same timeless principles used by a gardener, to help business owners do just that. The steps include: Grow – creating conditions where change can thrive; Cultivate – shifting priorities, assessing processes for their efficiencies and building relationships; Prune – removing obstacles that inhibit change; Harvest – celebrating the results. As I plant my summer flowers, I will give thought to how I can apply this model to my business.

In keeping with tradition, I wanted to share these new organizing products that were exhibited at the product expo. There is something for everyone in this group.

ScanSnap Document Scanner. Get rid of your paper clutter both at home and in the office by using this scanner from Fujitsu. It has the ability to scan all sorts of documents – including receipts, contracts, recipes, and even plastic coated cards. It is also wireless so you can take it with you on the go.

Electro Bulletin Boards. Instead of cluttering up drawer or shelf space with the necessary supplies for hanging items on a bulletin board, try this electro bulletin board. No need for push pins, magnets, tape, or any other adhesive. All you do is simply place materials on the surface and they automatically stick. That easy! Notes, pictures, any type of document will easily stick. They come in various shapes and sizes to fit your unique space.

Corner Organizer File. Whether you work from home or in an office, using all of your space is important. Try this organizer file that fits into the unused corner of your desk or in empty storage space, allowing you to easily access important documents. Add your action files to this organizer and free up the rest of your desk space.

Good Grips Bag Cinch. This product is a must try! Get rid of the bread tags and twist ties and use the Bag Cinch instead. Simple to use! You just squeeze the clip and grip it on any twisted bag and you will have a tight seal. They come in multiple colors and can be used for any type of bag, including cereal bags and chip pouches.

Coloring folders. This creative take on the normal everyday school folder is great for kids and adults alike. They come in various designs and allow you to color both the outside cover and the inside pocket. Use the coloring as a way to relax or relieve stress, and it’s a fun way to creatively customize your or your child’s folders.

Check out a couple of these organizing products and try something new! For more home office and business organizing ideas, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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