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NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Top Tech Tools for Spring Decluttering

Your office, like your home, could use a good spring cleaning…and you might just be looking for a little support! Technology offers so much help, guidance, and fresh ideas right at our fingertips. There are apps for everything – even office organizing! This NYC Professional Office Organizer encourages you to check out this list of tech tools to help you declutter and stay organized.

Freshbooks. Having one central location where your bills, expenses, income, and even tax information can be stored is instrumental in keeping you organized and efficient. Freshbooks uses the Cloud, so your information is available to you wherever you may be. With invoicing capabilities, time tracking, expense tracking, and a multitude of reports, you’ll be able to keep your finances organized all year round.

Dropbox. One way to minimize the paper clutter in your space is to turn to digital options, and Dropbox is one of the best. This app is easily accessible on all devices, including your phone or tablet, so you can check documents on the go. It’s easy to upload files and images, and a major perk is the easy and secure ability to share and collaborate with your team.

Goodwill. As you declutter and remove older items you no longer use, the Good Will app is a quick and easy way to unload it all. The app allows you to find the nearest donation point and their hours… all right at your fingertips.

Clean Master. An often, overlooked collector of clutter is your smart phone. Not only does it contain apps that you no longer use, but your browser’s cache is often so full it slows down the entire phone. This app will clean up all the extra files, notifications, and everything else weighing your phone down. Not only does this save space, it also helps with security and speed on your device – a win/win!

Stylebook. One area in your life that may need some decluttering is your closet. This app allows you to take photos of your clothes, specifically your business attire, and then easily see what items you love and what you are no longer wearing and should probably donate. You can categorize all of your items into “business formal” or “business casual,” plus various other categories. It also includes a feature to help you pack for business trips and a calendar to remind you of important events and what to wear to them.

As we begin to tackle office spring cleaning head on, try using one of these apps to help you along the way. For more office organizing ideas and strategies, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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