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A NYC Professional Organizer’s 5 Favorite Organizing Products

I recently spent 4 days with my organizing colleagues in Scottsdale at the annual NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) Conference.  As you might expect… it was a very well organized event with time allotted for attending workshops, hearing inspirational keynote addresses, networking, touring the product expo and of course food and drink.

As has become tradition, I wanted to share my 5 favorites of all of the products exhibited at the product expo with you.  Included in this year’s grouping is the 2014 Organizers’ Choice Award for Best Solution for Organizing at Work as well as an award winning app for keeping track of time at work and at home.  Whether you’re looking for home organizing tips or office organizing ideas, these products are great options to assist in your organizing endeavors. Read on to learn more about these products as well as my other picks for staying organized at home and work.


This online and mobile application helps to organize all of the information about your home and could be especially helpful if you have a home based business.  It enables you to document all of your possessions and important financial and legal paperwork; manage all your home improvement projects down to the last details; access key checklists that will help you maintain your home and track your household spending.

– the 2014 Organizers’ Choice Award Winner for Best Solution for Organizing at Work.

This heavyweight folder has a movable tab which is not only erasable but can be moved to any position (left, right or center) to accommodate your paper organizing preferences.  You can write on the tabs special erasable surface with a permanent marker and then easily erase the information when it’s time to re-use or re-name the folder.  The folders are available in 4 colors plus manilla and are durable enough to withstand long term use.

timetimerTime Timer

This award winning Desktop and Mobile software solution is the perfect tool for keeping track of time in the office or at home.  You can customize the timer choosing from dozens of features and display them on whiteboard, computer, tablet or smartphone.  This app provides innovative ways to visualize the passage of time making it easier to keep you on track to complete your tasks by the desired deadline.  Compatible with both PC and Mac.

mywardrobegenieMy Wardrobe Genie

When clients approach me for home organizing tips, their closets are often the focus of our efforts. My Wardrobe Genie is a complete closet organizing tool kit for organizing and de-cluttering your clothes closet. The kit includes dividers that enable you to create zones in your closet for clothes that are keepers, for those items that you aren’t sure about, for clothes that you no longer want as well as additional dividers that can be customized just for your closet.  Once the dividers are set, you can begin organizing your clothing at your own pace and ultimately be able to easily find an article of clothing when needed.

monkey barsMonkey Bars 

Monkey Bars is an ideal solution for those of you who want to maximize the storage capacity of your overstuffed garage.  This system is designed to deliver a rack and shelf solution in one product, can be customized to address your changing storage requirements and can accommodate all of the customary and also unusual items that have found their way into your garage.

If you are looking for an organizing solution for your home or office that isn’t addressed by these products, our NYC Professional Organizer can help you find just the right product for you.

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