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An NYC Professional Organizer’s Favorite Family App: Cozi

Sometimes all the time-saving apps people are using look like they would take forever to Cozi Logoget a handle on – I get it, believe me! As an NYC professional organizer, though, I’ve done the math. And the best of these time-saving and sanity-preserving apps are really worth it. One that I’ve been talking about a little bit more of late is Cozi.

Among the reasons it’s so user-friendly is the fact that it lets you see current to-
dos and recently added shopping list items on the same screen as calendar events.

Another nice touch: if it’s late afternoon, Cozi knows not to show the appointments from earlier in the day that have already passed. It’s a smart app, alright! The shared family calendar is one of the most popular features Cozi offers. It allows you to see (just to give a few examples):

• Individual schedules, or the whole family at once in a color-coded calendar

• Reminders about that soccer practice you missed twice last year

• An agenda email for the upcoming week for any family member you choose

If you’ve already got a calendar app or multiple calendar apps working for you,
Cozi plays well with others – another sign of strong organizing skills among its
developers. That’s actually one of my technology organizing tips:
Pay attention to which of your apps can do just this!

As an NYC professional organizer, I’m all about streamlining and efficiency, but not
everyone understands that it’s because I value family time and free time! I know
from my own experience and from working with my long roster of clients that in
today’s world you have to work to insure you can spend time with the ones you love.

Speaking of family, Cozi allows you to maintain a family blog visible only to you and
yours. But it can also interface with Facebook, seamlessly and easily. Again: Cozi
really knows how to play well with other apps, and that matters a lot in our app-cluttered world.

Cozi focuses on everything from the mundane (like throwing a Halloween party)
to green living. Again, this is evidence to your NYC professional organizer of people who live in the modern world, and who get it!

When you try a new app such as Cozi, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, or all at
once, either. You can put it on your mobile device, learn a little today, ask a friend
about it over the course of the week, and try something new the next time you have
a few minutes.

If you turn the whole process into something fun you’re more likely to stick with it
and benefit from the experience in the long run!

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