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Office Move? Donate Unwanted Items to NYC Charities

It’s time to prepare for your office move…. Before you jump right in and pack up everything in sight, take time to declutter your space. Moving into a new office is a chance at a fresh start and the last thing you need is to be immediately bogged down by clutter! So, take the time to donate or recycle the items in your workspace that you no longer use, that are broken, and that serve no purpose in growing and sustaining your business. Here are some suggestions for where to donate these items from this NYC Professional Office Organizer.

Materials for the Arts. Donations made to MFTA are tax deductible and they support the arts community in NYC. MFTA collects a wide variety of items which are then distributed to recipients in New York City’s artistic and educational communities for free. They accept audio and visual equipment, office chairs, computers, folding tables, paper and office supplies. You can drop off your items or even arrange for shipping or pickup.

Habitat for Humanity NYC. If you are building out your new office space or have leftover building materials from your previous space that you won’t be using, then donate those materials to Habitat for Humanity. You also can donate used office furniture and decor items.

Teaching Beyond the Square. This organization, through its Materials Center, collects all types of materials that would normally be discarded or recycled. These items can be anything – boxes, paper, office supplies – anything that you would normally discard. The Materials Center is used to collect these items and then uses them to enrich children’s learning, problem solving, and creativity.

Stop ‘N’ Swaps. These events are scheduled all over NYC, so search for an event near you. These are free events where you can donate (and then take) clean, portable, and reusable items. Though they do not accept larger items like office furniture or older electronics, they do accept office supplies, office decor, and other smaller items.

Lower East Side Ecology Center. As you pack up your office, you will undoubtedly find old electronics that no longer work or have long since been replaced. This organization holds regular E-Waste Recycling Events where you can bring working and non-working electronics, including computers, monitors, printers, scanners, keyboards, cables, phones, and more.

Before you pack up those unwanted and unused office supplies, electronics, and office furniture, look at this list of organizations that accept donations and offer recycling events. Keep the clutter out of your new office and out of the landfills! For more assistance with your office move, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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