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Office Move Strategies from Your NYC Professional Organizer

When it comes to your office move, technology pretty much has to come first. Tips-to-Speed-Up-Your-Office’s-Internet-Connection

Unlike when you move your residence, when you can probably survive without cable for a few days or even weeks, and you might be fine living without a phone land line for a spell as well, when it comes to the place that you do business any interruption in Internet, Wi-Fi, or phone service means lost dollars. Potentially a lot of them. And that’s why today’s office moving tips from your NYC professional organizer are focused on the tech end of an office move.

First, take out your calendar. If you intend to start doing business on the first of the month, then choose a date at least five days ahead of that for your technology to be up and running in the new space.

Why five days?

Because things happen:
Internet and phone providers promise things they can’t deliver

Hardware is left damaged by previous tenants
Installation of new hardware can and does run into other kinds of snags
By having the internet and phone provider and your IT staff (even and especially if that means you) complete your installation five days before you intend to be up-and-running, you leave yourself room to deal with problems. And they will come up. They always do!
But by having everything technical ready to go before you need it to do business, you will give yourself a huge boost of serenity for the other parts of the office move. Remember this tip for your office move: data interruption means business interruption means cash-flow interruption.

Does this mean that you move all of your computer equipment while you’re still using it in the old space? Of course, not! You need it there, probably until the Friday before a weekend move. But your IT staff and the internet and phone provider will need, collectively and individually, to have verified that:

Your Wi-Fi is up and running and can handle the load it will be put under in the space
Each work station has appropriate, functional cording and outlets
The phone system is working in the new environment

What this all means, practically speaking, is that while the physical desks can’t be in two places at the same time, you do need to have overlapping phone and internet service to make this transition successful.

Do you tell the vendors you hire to get your tech up and running that the installation date is really a dress-rehearsal and that you don’t really need service until five days later.

Absolutely not! That’s between you and you. And, take it from your NYC professional organizer, it’s a secret you’ll be glad you kept.

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