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Office Organizing Products for a Successful Year

As you are kicking off your new year, it’s time to take a deep breath and kick off your organizing goals on the right foot! One way to ensure an organized office is to give yourself the right tools for success. Check out this list of office organizing products compiled by your NYC Professional Office Organizer that will help set you up for a successful (and organized!) year.

Planner. There are all sorts of calendar and planner tech apps to keep you organized and manage your schedule. (link to LinkedIn article) If you prefer to use a paper calendar and planner, there are plenty of options available, too! Keeping an organized schedule and place to document meetings and due dates is essential to your success this year. Check out some of my favorites: Planner Pad, Passion Planner, and Franklin Covey Planners.

File storage. Need to pack up those 2017 files that are ready for storage? Moving your archive or research files out of your workspace for a clutter free start to the new year? Try this X-Large File Tote Box from the Container Store that also has a hinged split-lid that allows you to open up only half the box and easily access the contents. For something more environmentally friendly, try the Staples Basic Duty Storage Box.

Inbox. Creating an incoming paperwork system is an important step to beating paper clutter, and that begins with utilizing an inbox. When there is a designated space for paper, it won’t end up piled up in corners of your office! Try something like this Clear Stackable Letter Tray, or if you are working with limited space, take advantage of the wall space with this Hanging Mesh Partition Tray from Fellowes.

Desk Drawer Organizer. 2018 is the year of clutter free desk drawers! Schedule time to sort out your drawers, getting rid of anything broken or that you no longer use. Before piling it all back into the drawer, make sure you utilize a desk drawer organizer. You can try this Silver Mesh Drawer Organizer Set that gives you five separate organizing containers that you can maneuver and use separately or together, adding in more containers as needed. Or try the Ultimate Adjustable Drawer Insert that adjusts to the size you need while keeping all of your items organized.

Stay organized this year by utilizing these office organizing products. For more office organizing tips and strategies, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer and let’s talk about your organizing needs.

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