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Office Organizing Strategies to Keep You Productive in an Open Office

Staying productive in an open office workspace can be a challenge! It might be assumed that everyone can be approached in an open office at any time which doesn’t bode well for productivity. Finding the balance between individual, focused work and collaboration is key. Here are office organizing strategies from this NYC Professional Office Organizer to help you stay productive in an open office.

Create a virtual wall. How? Use headphones! Headphones build a virtual wall between you and your surroundings. Try listening to ambient noise. Music itself can be distracting, but there are specific noises and sounds that are believed to encourage a state of concentration rather than create a distraction.

Schedule your day. Just because you work in an open office doesn’t mean you are inviting collaboration all day long. Create a schedule that works for you. Perhaps you schedule a few hours in the morning where you focus on work alone, and then schedule the latter half of your day for meeting and collaborating with your teams. It’s beneficial to set those boundaries.

Don’t work from only one space. Some of the most productive and efficient offices include a variety of spaces. They will include space for easy collaboration with your team, but they’ll also include private workspaces. Just as you take breaks throughout your day to refresh, you can also shift workspaces to best fit your needs.

Make your team aware. If you want some time to work privately and stay focused, let your team know. Put out a “do not disturb” sign or something similar that indicates you are focused and wish to not be interrupted. This allows you to decide when you are available for collaboration.

Use time management strategies. Try a strategy like the Pomodoro technique – work for 25 focused minutes, and then take a 5-minute break. Make sure your time is spent on one task and don’t engage in interruptions – stay focused! You can use a timer to help you stay disciplined and provide a visual reminder to yourself.

Staying organized, productive, and efficient in an open office space can be made easier by applying these strategies during your work day. For more office organizing strategies and hands on support, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer today!

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