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Office Organizing Tips for Coordinating Schedules During the Holidays

holiday-schedule-1024x500With the holidays approaching, it’s inevitable that people in your office will be requesting time off from work. How will you prepare and ensure that required tasks are still being done? All you need is a plan, and that’s what this Professional Organizer in NYC has for you. Here are my office organizing tips to help you coordinate schedules and vacations this holiday season.

Schedule a planning meeting. Before the holiday season gets into full swing, schedule an office meeting to discuss logistics. Use a calendar and note each staff member’s schedule. This is helpful to ensure that you have enough staff each day to accomplish important tasks.

Prioritize and delegate. At the meeting, discuss the tasks that MUST be done and note those as the priority. Delegate those tasks to colleagues who will be working during the holiday season. Also note the tasks that are less pressing and that could wait until after the holidays when everyone is back at work. This creates less stress in your office as the expectations of tasks to be completed is more manageable.

Write it down. Without a written record of your plan, it’s easy for tasks to slip by unfinished. Written or digital, make sure that your plan clearly states what tasks need to be completed and the individuals responsible for getting them done. Then make sure that everyone has access to this plan so they can reference it as needed.

Organize your day. One office organizing tip is to work on the delegated tasks first thing in the morning. This relieves stress and allows you to focus the rest of the day on your own tasks. This also prevents the possibility of the important delegated tasks not being completed because there was no time or they were simply over looked. Get them done first and use the rest of the day for your own projects.

The key during the holidays is not to work harder, but to work smarter. The objective is not to overload those who are taking on the extra tasks, but to organize the tasks and the schedule so that each member of your office team is supporting each other as best they can. This Professional Organizer in NYC encourages you to keep it simple and make sure everything is written down so that your team can enjoy a stress free season. Need help? Click here for more information.

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