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Office Organizing Tips from the Professional Organizer in NYC

The best way to start off a new year full of possibilities is in an organized, efficient space. Clutter doesn’t help you stay productive in your office space, and productivity is key if you are going to reach your big goals this year. This Professional Organizer in NYC knows firsthand how important office organizing can be. Check out these tips to help you declutter and start the year off right!

Break your office into zones. Looking at your entire office as a whole can be a bit daunting. Instead, break your large Combat Zone (which is a disorganized space) into smaller zones that are easier to tackle. For example, focus first on your desk. Then move on to your bookshelves, then to your conference area. As you move on to each zone, think about what tasks will be done in that area and what items need to be readily available in that space.

Keep regularly used items within arm’s reach of your workspace. This step is a surefire way to remove excess from your space! Items that are not used regularly, such as surplus office supplies or reference materials that aren’t needed often, can be stored elsewhere in your office. Keeping your desk and work area clutter free will help you stay focused and increase your productivity.

Get rid of what isn’t needed. Take inventory of the items in your office. Go through piles of paper, shredding duplicates or paperwork no longer needed. Clean out drawers and shelves and discard or recycle items that no longer work or that you no longer want. Ask yourself, “When was the last time I used this?” Donate or recycle bigger items that are just taking up space, such as outdated computers or even old office furniture.

Designate a home for every item. The quickest way to a clutter free office space is by making sure that every item has its own space – and putting it there! If every item has a home, you won’t end up with excess clutter on your desk or shelves.

Set limits. To be honest, the problem is rarely ever not enough space. The problem is too much stuff! Especially in an office where your space is valuable, it’s important to restrict the number of personal items such as photos, mementos, and any promo items that are just taking up space. Absolutely allow yourself to have a few personal items to inspire you in your office space, but set a reasonable limit.

As you move forward into this new year, it’s important to have a solid foundation to support you, and that starts with an organized office space. A clutter free office means a productive office! If you need more hands-on help creating a productive office space, reach out to this Professional Organizer in NYC.

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