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Office Organizing Tips to Beat the Cord Clutter

Take a quick peek under and around your desk. Do you have cords and cables coming out from every angle? Are they twisted and tangled? Is it easy for you to decipher which cord belongs to which electronic device? Not only is this situation aesthetically unpleasing, it can be downright frustrating to unplug or move any of your devices! Have no fear, there is an answer for this dilemma. Here are some office organizing tips from your Professional Organizer in NYC to get the cable and cord clutter under control.

To start the cable organizing process, turn off every electronic item first and then safely unplug everything. This way you can plug everything back in one at a time in an organized fashion. Use this opportunity to get rid of cords that are no longer applicable. Maybe you have an extra extension cord plugged in that you don’t use anymore, or the charging cable for your tablet that has since been replaced. There is no need to clutter up your workspace with unused cords, so store away what you may use at another time and recycle anything you no longer use.

Next, implement some of these office organizing tips:

  • Use double-sided tape to attach power strips to one side of your desk. This way you have clear access to all of the outlets and you won’t accidentally unplug something with your feet.
  • If you use multiple extension cords that get tangled, keep them together by braiding them.
  • As you plug in each electronic device, label the cord. You can use color-coded tape and write what each cord belongs to on the tape. You can also purchase cable labels at various office supply stores.
  • For cords and cables that you use only occasionally, such as USB cords or headphones, wind them up individually and tie with a twist tie or rubberband. Put them in a labeled storage box that you can access when needed.
  • There are many cord organizers for purchase online and in office supply stores that can help. Check out these Cabledrop Cable Clips to help cords stay on your desk when you unplug your electronics, or a charging station like this one, where you can charge multiple phones and tablets at the same time without taking up too much space.

According to this Professional Organizer in NYC, the keys to defeating the cord clutter are simplicity and organization. Get rid of what you don’t use and use these office organizing tips to keep the cords you do use organized! By implementing these organizing strategies, you’ll be well on your way to an organized office space and will be able to use your time on important work rather than untangling the cords under your desk while in search of your laptop charger!

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