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Office Organizing Tips to End the Year

As the year comes to an end, most of us are making plans for the new year, including your Professional Organizer in NYC. But before you can begin preparations for growth and new projects, you need to tie up loose ends in the current year. Starting the new year off ready to be productive and efficient in your office space is a must, and it’ll take some planning and office organizing to make it happen.

Here are my top office organizing tips to help you start the new year organized and ready to hit the ground running.

Start with the supplies in your workspace. Throw out the pens that have ran out of ink and torn file folders. Return the surplus supplies that have collected in your drawers and on your shelves over the past year to the supply cabinet. Once this is done, take an inventory and replenish as needed.

Organize your calendar. If you use a digital calendar on your phone or computer, it’s easy to continue your scheduling into the new year. If you prefer a paper planner or calendar, make sure to copy important events and meetings into your new one for 2016.

Declutter your office space. Clutter hinders your productivity, so there’s no time like the present to kick clutter to the curb and start the new year with a clean slate. Take stock of your office space – including your shelves, desk, and other storage space. Remove what isn’t necessary. Throw away anything broken or no longer needed, donate old furniture or books, and recycle or shred any paperwork that no longer needs to be saved.

Start planning for tax season. With the new year comes a new tax season, and not a whole lot of time to prepare. As you organize your space, start pulling together the items and files that will be needed to prepare your taxes. Create a file specifically for incoming tax forms and receipts you’ll need to present to your tax preparer.

Back-up your electronics. You should be regularly backing up your hard drive and files, but if you aren’t, now is a great time to back up everything. Make sure to schedule time in the new year to make backing up your files a habit.

Focusing your energy on tying up these loose ends will allow you to start 2016 in a positive, clutter-free place. I urge you to apply these office organizing tips as you prepare for the new year. And when you are ready for more office organizing strategies, contact your Professional Organizer in NYC for help.

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