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Office Organizing Tips to Stay Organized During the Holidays

It can be a struggle to maintain order and organization in your office space throughout the year, but it’s even more challenging during the busy holiday season. With holiday parties, end-of-the-year projects, and your normal daily workload, you can quickly become overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. With so much going on, it’s important to have office organizing systems already in place so that you can get through this busy season as productively as possible.

Here are some office organizing strategies from this Professional Organizer in NYC to help you keep your business organized during the holiday season.

Utilize your calendar. Of course, this is an office organizing tip that is applicable all year long. However, it’s even more important during the holidays. With extra events, parties, and meetings to attend, it’s important to include all must-attend events and meetings on your calendar immediately. This will enable you to better manage your schedule as time is allotted for your regular weekly priorities and to assess your availability as additional invitations are received.

Keep decorating to a minimum. It’s absolutely okay to acknowledge the holidays in your work space. However, if you go overboard with the decorating, not only will some of it inevitably take up your valuable work space, but it will also start to feel cluttered which does not boost productivity. Keep it simple and fun, and allow the main focus of your space to still be your work.

Schedule tasks in advance. There are various tasks in running your business that you may do on a daily or weekly basis that can be scheduled out now for the remainder of the month. If you regularly utilize social media for your business, dedicate a few hours of your time and schedule your social media posts for the rest of the month. You can also draft blog posts or newsletters now and schedule them to publish or be sent out over the coming weeks. Even if you can’t schedule certain messages, create the drafts now so they are ready to go.

Rely on technology. You may find yourself more on the go during the holidays, which means you will be away from your desk and office more often. Both your smart phone and tablet give you hands-on access to apps that will help keep you stay organized and on top of your work. If you utilize a project management system like Asana, or a note-taking program like Evernote to organize your work, be sure to download the available mobile options so that you can stay connected.

These office organizing strategies will help you to stay organized at work this holiday season so that you can remain productive and efficient, giving you more time to spend enjoying the festivities! For more organizing strategies and systems, contact this Professional Organizer in NYC.

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