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The One Simple Trick to Organizing Paperwork in the Office

Have you ever looked around your office and wished for a magic solution to the paper clutter? Well this NYC Professional Office Organizer is here to grant your request! There is one simple solution that will help curb most of your problems with organizing paperwork in the office. Wish granted – get an inbox!

An inbox will help keep paper together. This will become the one designated space where all incoming paperwork collects. In terms of productivity, it doesn’t make sense to immediately stop working every time a new piece of paper lands on your desk. Instead, collect paperwork in one central location so that it is at your fingertips when you are ready to review it. The bonus is that it also means there aren’t paper piles growing all over your workspace!

Schedule time to process. Once you have made collecting paperwork in your inbox a habit, it is then necessary to schedule time during each business day to sort through and process the paperwork. You can then file what should be kept, move paperwork representing tasks to be done to a to-do box or folder, and recycle/shred what you don’t need. If you are going to stay in control of the paper, you will need to stick to your schedule and only remove items when you are ready to process them.

Pick a location that works for your workspace. Your inbox should be positioned in a place easily accessible to both you and those who deliver paperwork. Typically, either the upper right or left corner of your desk is ideal. There are a wide variety of trays and folders with all different designs available for you to choose from. If you are using a space on your desk or on top of a filing cabinet, you might want to use letter trays like these. If you work in a smaller office with little desktop space, you can go vertical by hanging wall pockets like these on the walls.

Understand the benefits. Paper is the most common cause of clutter in offices. The benefits of using an inbox to organize new incoming paperwork are huge! First, all new paperwork will be in one place, keeping it contained and giving your office a professional appearance. Second, you’ll know exactly where to go to locate a document. No more lost documents or wasted time searching for paperwork in corners of your office. Keeping papers in a specific location will help you stay organized and efficient!

Creating an incoming paperwork system will help you prevent further paper clutter accumulating in your workspace. One simple change to your office space can have a huge impact! When you need hands on help with organizing paperwork and increasing productivity, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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