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Organize Doctor’s Office – Paper Organizing Done

Paper Organizing Completed in Doctor's OfficeAs in any project, the hardest part is getting started.  Once you have gotten past that hurdle, the project starts to take on a life of its own and momentum builds.  This is exactly what happened with the paper organizing and filing portion of this project.  As we started the process of adding the 16 shelves of patient’s files to the archive, the task appeared to be a monumental one and one that would take days to complete.  Our efforts were reinforced by the doctor’s staff who periodically stopped by to retrieve a file.  Their visits provided just the fuel we needed to stay focused and get the job done.  They were totally amazed by how much paper organizing we had accomplished and the transformation that we were creating in the file archive room.  This was evident by the  look of utter amazement on their faces coupled with their heartfelt compliments.  Regardless of the project (large or small), there is nothing like a little positive reinforcement to keep you energized and moving forward.

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