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Prepare for a Disaster Using Social Media and Technology

fema_app-WEBOur world is a different place today than it was 20 years ago. With social media and technology at our fingertips, you are never far from accessing the latest information. This is never more true than in the face of a disaster. Whether you are dealing with a fire in your home or office, or something on a much larger scale such as a hurricane, social media and technology can be the link between you, the people you love, and the resources you need to navigate the situation.

This Professional Organizer in NYC strongly believes that incorporating some of the following tech tips and social media in your disaster preparation planning is essential.

First, let’s talk about technology. With smart phones and tablets easily accessible, the latest apps can be helpful when preparing for a potential disaster. There have been many apps created that help with important tasks like creating a home inventory (link to last blog). For example, MyPhonePro helps you to create an inventory quickly and easily, and allows you to store photos that you may need for insurance purposes later on. Other apps, like the Disaster Readiness Guide, provide you with checklists of supplies you will need before, during, and after a disaster. Organizations, like FEMA, are even creating apps that not only offer helpful tips for preparing for an emergency, but also act as an important resource to help you navigate through the difficult after effects of a disaster, including where to find a shelter or other key relief services. Technology can in fact become a life saver! Click here for more information on available apps to help you prepare.

Next, let’s talk about how social media can be an important tool in the face of an emergency.

Beyond connecting with family and friends to be sure that they faring well, social media can connect you with important resources. For example, FEMA has their own Twitter and Facebook accounts that provide information such as shelter locations during an emergency. Most local governments are now on social media, too, so you can follow your police or fire department and get accurate, up-to-the-minute information that you need to stay safe. For more ways that social media can help in the face of an emergency, read here.

As an NYC Professional Organizer, I’ve been here through disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, and know firsthand how technology can be a helpful tool. I focus on adopting a proactive mindset when it comes to disaster preparation, rather than a reactive one. By thinking ahead and preparing as much as you can, you will be better equipped to handle an emergency if and when one arises. Planning ahead, especially when it comes to a potential disaster, is a necessary and important step to organization.

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