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What’s Next? Office Organizing Strategies for After a Disaster

As Disaster Preparedness Month comes to a close, it’s time to address a topic we have yet to touch on. What happens to your business AFTER a disaster? What steps can your business take today to prepare for navigating the aftermath of a disaster situation? Here’s the truth: according to the New Jersey Business Action… Continue Reading »

Take Action! 8 Organizing Tips to Prepare Your Office in Case of Disaster

This month we’ve been talking about preparing for a disaster while at work, and in doing so, creating plans and strategies to support your team and keep them safe. Office fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes can only be planned for at a basic level – you can’t dictate what date something might possibly happen, or… Continue Reading »

Does Your Office Have a Disaster Supply Kit?

This NYC Professional Office Organizer is a strong supporter of planning and preparation, and that includes being prepared for a disaster. As I watch the Hurricane Florence news reports, I’m hoping all those in the path of this storm are ready. If you haven’t gotten around to preparing your office, Disaster Preparedness Month is a… Continue Reading »

Disaster Preparedness Tips for Your Office

As many states are preparing for a hurricane, most of us have probably thought, “What if that happened to us?” Whether you are in an area often affected by hurricanes, or in another location affected by tornadoes, earthquakes, or blizzards, taking time to prepare in case of a disaster is important. September is National Preparedness… Continue Reading »

Your Priority During a Disaster at Work = Your Office Staff

When preparing your office for a disaster, you may spend time focusing on how your business will continue to operate during down time, or how you will continue to generate revenue to support your business if you lose your office space. These are key topics to address and should be part of your disaster preparedness… Continue Reading »

NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Top Local Disaster Resources

Before you are faced with a disaster, it’s easy to say what you think you’d do in that situation. However, it’s difficult to really understand how you’d feel until you are experiencing it. Because you can’t accurately predict how you will react, it’s best to take action now when the stress of an emergency is… Continue Reading »