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Professional Organizer in NYC’s Desk Organizing Tips

Here’s a question from your Professional Organizer in NYC – what is the first thing you notice when you walk into your office? Your eyes most likely head to your desk. If your desk is cluttered with office supplies, paperwork, and other items, you probably begin your work day feeling anxious and unprepared. That isn’t a great way to start off your new year! Instead, implement these office organizing ideas to create a clutter free workspace.

First, clear off your desk. New year, fresh start! So wipe the slate clean. Your first step is clearing everything off of your desk. Only put back the bare essentials. Your computer, a phone, an inbox and outbox, maybe a personal photo or two. That’s it! Having your desk space clear of clutter means you will have a productive place to work.

Let’s talk about that inbox and outbox. This is an important piece of your desk, as it designates a spot for the important work, tasks, and projects that are being delivered to you as well as being distributed to other members of your team. However, they can easily become a spot to collect clutter if the boxes aren’t emptied of paperwork regularly. If need be, setup a to-file box and create a system for filing (link to previous blog post), schedule time into your day, and make sure to stay on top of it.

And what about that personal photo or two? It’s absolutely okay to bring in personal elements into your office. Including items and images that make you happy is great! These items only become a problem when they start taking over your work space. If you are forced to work in one tiny corner of your desk because the rest is covered in photos and mementos, your focus is out of balance. Instead, move mementos to a shelf, hang pictures on the wall, and anything extra should probably be moved back to your home. Keep what inspires you, and remove the rest.

Empty your drawers. Go through your desk drawers and take inventory of what you have. Only put back items that you use. Get rid of old scrap paper with notes on them, throw away all the pens that don’t work, and relocate items you don’t use regularly to storage elsewhere in your office.

Turn your desk into a Command Center. This means creating a workspace where everything you need for your daily work is within arm’s reach. This creates a simplified, systematic work experience. Having your desk function as a Command Center creates a space that is not only organized, but also efficient and functional.

Here’s a tip: start this new year off on the right foot with creating systems and habits that will carry you throughout the year. By creating a clutter free desk and taking the time at the end of each day to make sure that your workspace is organized and clear, you’ll be able to start your next work day ready to dive in and be productive. If you need more office organizing help, reach out to your Professional Organizer in NYC.

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