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Professional Organizer in NYC’s Favorite Stocking Stuffers

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? The holidays are right around the corner, and you probably have quite the list of people on your shopping list. The gift of organization is the gift that keeps giving all year long! These gifts are not only helpful with your office organizing, but can also be used in other aspects of your life. Check out these stocking stuffers from this Professional Organizer in NYC.

Chalkboard Paint Labels & Markers. This is such a fun gift! Labels are so important when it comes to organizing, and you can make labeling fun with these chalkboard paint labels. You can add color to your organizing bins and boxes by using the colorful markers, and can easily erase and change the labels needed.

Electronics Cleaning Brush. Most of the people on your shopping list this year probably use electronics regularly, and they probably don’t even realize how dirty they can get! This brush can clean keyboards, camera lenses, and can get to those hard-to-reach places on your electronic equipment.

Carabiners. Not a hiking or camping enthusiast? No problem! These are still fun gifts that can serve multiple organizing purposes! You can use them to hang bags, to clip together store rewards cards or display all of your Christmas cards in one place.

Cable Clips. These handy clips come in multiple colors and can quickly and easily secure all the cords at your desk. They are easy to install, made from environmentally friendly material, and work great for keeping your charging cables, power cables, and headphone cords separate and within reach.

2017 Planner. Keeping your schedule organized and tracking important dates and deadlines is important for everyone on your list this year. There are so many different options – colors, patterns, sizes – for the paper people on your list.

Portable Screen Cleaners. These are great gifts that can be used on the go! It attaches right to the back of your cell phone or tablet (and most cases, too!), so you can easily wipe away those annoying fingerprints no matter where you are.

Here’s another great stocking stuffer idea – a gift certificate! The Organizing Zone offers gift certificates for business and home office organizing. Reach out to this Professional Organizer in NYC and get the perfect gift for someone on your list!

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