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Professional Organizer in NYC’s Tips for Achieving New Year’s Resolutions

As the last days of January are upon us, it’s the perfect time to check the progress that you have made in addressing your resolutions for this year. Was creating an organized workspace on your list as it is for many? Regardless of what your resolutions may be, the challenge is typically that we don’t always give ourselves a fair chance to achieve our goals. We may have the best of intentions but often create a long list of unrealistic goals. Even if they are attainable, we don’t create a realistic plan for achieving them and they are long forgotten barely a month into the new year. Here are strategies from this Professional Organizer in NYC to help you make your office organizing resolutions as well as the rest of your resolutions a reality.

Get more specific. Saying “I want to be more organized in the office” is a broad goal and not at specific enough for creating an action plan. What do you want to be more organized… your desk, papers or process for tracking daily tasks? Broad based goals are easier to set aside as they don’t provide you with a clear path for achieving them. Identify the exact tasks that need to be addressed, set a deadline for getting them done and schedule time on your calendar in small chunks. Instead of office organizing as your broad goal, commit to implementing a paperwork management system within the next 30 days.

Create small, actionable steps. It takes much more than writing down your list of goals for the year for them to be achieved. If keeping your desk organized is your goal, then break down that task into a series of steps. Looking at a cluttered workspace is overwhelming. Without the determination to make changes plus a clear plan in place to get organized, it’s easier to not make any changes. Once you have your list of steps to be taken, get started. Remember that you are only going to work on each task for a limited amount of time. Set the timer on your phone and when the bell goes off reward yourself with a trip to the coffee bar.

Tackle only one resolution at a time. Trying to make changes in too many areas of our lives at the same time isn’t realistic. Set yourself up for success by prioritizing your resolutions and addressing them one at a time. At the very least, only focus on a second goal once you are well on your way to achieving a prior one your list. While we might dub these goals “New Year’s Resolutions”, you can start focusing on them at any appropriate time during the year. So if your top 2 goals for the year are exercising and office organizing, start implementing office organizing strategies once working out 3 times a week has become routine.

You may need help in achieving your goals and can turn to friends, family and skilled professionals. If losing weight was on your New Year’s resolution list, then it might make sense to hire a personal trainer or a nutritionist. The same goes with office organizing. If you need help in decluttering your workspace and setting up systems and strategies to keep your organized all year long, then it’s time to hire this Professional Organizer in NYC. Having someone in your corner will make all the difference.

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