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Professional Organizer in NYC’s Tips for Less Holiday Stress at Work

The holidays are bursting with fun, family and friends, but let’s be honest – they can also be jammed packed with stress! Finding ways to de-stress is key to staying as productive as possible both at work and at home. As you squeeze in parties, impromptu gatherings and shopping trips into your already hectic work day schedule, it can be a constant battle keeping the stress under control. Here are this Professional Organizer in NYC’s favorite tips for managing the additional stress brought on by the holiday season.

Pay attention to your diet and sleep patterns. When we have a full schedule, we often cut corners to get everything done, and this can mean skipping a meal or not getting enough sleep. During times of stress, these are actually the worst things you can do! Make yourself and your health a priority by taking the time to eat well-balanced meals and get 8 hours of sleep each night. You’ll be amazing at how much easier it is to tackle your to-do list when you are well-rested and have sufficient energy reserves.

Be patient and allow for the unexpected. With your regular workday commitments plus holiday parties and activities, there can be little to no time for anything else. So what do you do when the unexpected occurs? Use those blocks of time that you had proactively set aside at the beginning of the month to complete a project that took longer than anticipated or to visit a sick friend in the hospital. As the holidays get closer, limit meetings and appointments to those that are non-negotiable and push back the less important ones to early January. Allow yourself to say no to the tasks you can postpone and give yourself the space to tackle those projects that must be done now.

Give yourself a 15 minute break. This tip is a favorite of this Professional Organizer in NYC and can be used all year long, not just when you are battling holiday induced stress. When you start to feel overwhelmed, take a 15 minute break so you can re-energize and regain your focus. Close out of your email, shut down your browser, and head outside for a quick walk. Even in the cold weather, the fresh air and change of scenery will help you relax. If walking outside isn’t possible, get some coffee and take the long way back to your workspace. Sitting for an extended period isn’t healthy so take short breaks during the day and do simple stretches at your desk. Try push-ups against your desk top, arm presses with a heavy book from your office, or shoulder blade squeezes to help improve your posture. Get moving, start breathing, and clear your mind.

While minimizing the additional stress brought on by the holidays may not always be possible, you can certainly set yourself up for success at work by following these de-stressing tips. Enjoy the holidays, celebrate with those you love, and embrace your successes in managing it all! For more hands on home office and business organizing strategies, reach out to this Professional Organizer in NYC today.

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