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Professional Organizer in NYC’s Top Time Management Strategies – Part 3

I’ve shared several time management strategies this month, including the Eisenhower Method, and then the Pareto Analysis and Pomodoro Technique. When utilizing one of these strategies and other time management tips in your work day, the key is finding a system that works for you. Today this Professional Organizer in NYC is sharing a popular productivity strategy that you can apply to both your business and your life and see results.

Getting Things Done is a time management strategy introduced by expert David Allen. This process is part of a total work-life approach with the goal of stress-free productivity. The Getting Things Done methodology is based on a 5 step system that you apply to both your work and your life.

The first step is Capture. During this step, collect all personal and professional to do’s in one single place…could be on a list or in a inbox. Everything should be included – all tasks are important regardless of size. The second step is to Clarify. Look through all that you gathered and decide if you can take action. If no action is needed, discard or file the document. If action is needed, determine the next step. Do it right away if the task can be done in less than 2 minutes. If not, delegate it if possible or add it to your to do list to be addressed later.

The third step is Organize. Group action items by category. For example, make a list of tasks to complete for a specific project or new files that need to be set up. Set deadlines and identify the priorities. The fourth step is to Reflect. This key step requires that you review your organized lists frequently including doing a scheduled weekly review.

The final step is to Engage or just do the work. By following this process, you should be confident about what needs to be done and can take the steps to make it happen.

A key component of this method is to get all of the tasks, ideas, projects, and things that need to be done out of your head and onto an organized list. This is important because it enables you to see everything that needs to be done and allows you to decide what to do next, making your work day more manageable. You can still pick a method of organizing that works for you. This might include using a paper to-do list, a specific calendar system, or a project management program.

Another important step is the reflection time. Schedule time daily to review your to-dos. This provides you with the opportunity to see the total picture. This eliminates distractions and wasted time spent on trying to remember what else needs to be done.

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