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Six Handy Packing Tips for Office Moves

No matter where you’re moving your office to, be it out of your home or to an office building across town, you want to be sure to take good care of the contents of your office. Everything you use throughout your workday is important, and you want to ensure everything arrives in its original condition. To help you feel confident throughout the process, check out the following packing tips for office moves that this NYC Professional Office Organizer created.


In your office, you’re likely to have a collection of stray odds and ends that may not actually prove useful in the future. Don’t hold onto anything you know you won’t use again—it would be counterproductive to bring these along only to get rid of them in the future. As you go through the contents of your workspace, consider donating the items you don’t need.

Take Pictures

If you’re bringing your furniture with you, you may need to dismantle a few things, but putting these pieces together again can prove frustrating if you no longer have the instructions on hand. We recommend taking pictures of anything you’ll have to take apart so that you have a reference. In addition, you may want to label the parts.

Package All Hardware Together

This applies to both furniture and electronics. You’ll save yourself a significant amount of trouble if you keep all relevant hardware in the same place. This includes items such as screws and cables. Place all these objects in their respective Ziploc bags, attach the bag to the computer or desk, and be sure to label them.

Scan All Files

Though it may take a bit of time, you should scan any essential paper documents. You don’t want to risk the chance of losing anything important and having to conduct an extensive recovery process. You can easily avoid this by scanning all key documents and saving them to a hard drive or the cloud.

Be Careful with Writing Instruments

Nothing is quite so annoying—and avoidable—as an exploded pen. As ink can leak onto your other possessions during the moving process, it’s best to take some precautions with these supplies. Tie them into separate bundles using rubber bands if you no longer have their boxes, consider putting them in plastic bags if they are loose, and even designate a box meant for them alone if need be.

Reinforce Packaging

It’s advisable to ensure your packages will survive the move. Bad weather or particularly rough transport can cause unwanted damage. Use sturdy boxes, and label them as fragile when appropriate. You may also want to use a staple gun to secure boxes instead of tape—in general, staples hold up better than tape especially if you are moving during a rainstorm.

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