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Small Space? Create a Home Office that Fits

When it comes to creating a functional home office space, out of the box thinking is needed when you don’t have that spare bedroom. You know that a dedicated space is essential and that you can get by with a minimum amount of space….so be creative. Here are some ideas for organizing a home office in a small space from this NYC Professional Office Organizer.

Use what you have. Where are the available spaces inside your home? Think out-of-the-box. Perhaps you have a deep hallway where you can put a desk against the wall, or maybe an extra closet that could be transformed into a workspace. Perhaps there’s a cubby in your kitchen that you’ve been using as a catch all that could be transformed to your office. Assess the available wall space in the possible areas as you may need it for to hang shelves for storage.

Multi-purpose. If you have a large living room or dining room, you can create a workspace in one corner of the room. Choose multi-purpose furniture that fits with the aesthetic of your room. For example, a nice desk could work in the corner of your living room and a sideboard in your dining room could provide storage for your laptop and materials when you’re not working at the table. Be sure to assess if there’s sufficient wall space for a cabinet, open shelves or a

Space is at a premium. Consider using a rolling file cart as a mobile desk. Consolidate your laptop, key supplies and files in this unit and keep it parked in a corner or in a closet. Pull it out when there’s work to be done and find a quiet spot at the table or in the bedroom. When you’re finished, clear away your work materials and return the cart to its parking spot.

Get creative. When you have electronics and other office items in the main living space of your home, it can quickly become an eyesore. Instead, get creative and utilize a cupboard or an armoire to store your printer and office supplies. You can close the doors when guests arrive, but easily access your materials when you are working. When using open shelf storage, utilize colorful or patterned storage bins that match the motif of the room for supplies.

Lack of floor space? Go vertical! Try a piece of furniture like a lean-to shelving and desk unit that will provide storage going up the wall, but save on floor space. Or try something like a hideaway desk that you can pull out from the wall. When you have little space for an office chair, try using a standing desk. This not only saves floor space but is also a healthy alternative to sitting for hours during the day.

Living in a smaller space does not mean you can’t have a functional home office. You just need to think outside the box! When you need more hands-on strategies for organizing a home office, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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