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Stop Delaying, Start Decluttering… Here’s Why

Recently, I have been focusing on how to clear the clutter in your workspace and shared strategies for getting the job done. You have probably heard that a decluttered space will make you more productive. There’ll be less distractions so you’ll be more focused and you’ll get more done.  All this is true. However, there are other reasons for tackling the clutter. Today I’m sharing them so that you’ll stop delaying and start decluttering.

I keep my home and office clutter free because I crave the calm that comes with less clutter. More importantly, I then have a space where I can be a better me. I can more effectively deal with the day to day as well as the curveballs that life throws my way. 

In addition, with a more orderly, organized workspace comes a feeling of control. While there isn’t a lot we can control, we do have control over our own spaces. I have a client who was practically in tears due to the chaos that was her desk. The process of decluttering the area was going to be an emotional roller coaster. However, as she regained control over her desk, her despair was replaced with a beaming smile. This is what getting organized is all about!

Also, with less clutter comes a positive mindset. You’ll have a feeling of accomplishment for getting the job done especially if decluttering isn’t your strong suit. In addition, you now have a place that you’re happy in and where you want to work…. A place where anything is possible.

I hope that this gives you additional food for thought so you stop delaying and start decluttering your space. Understanding the real benefits for tackling this task can provide significant motivation for getting the work done.

If you have a home office and are interested in additional strategies for creating an organized space, this podcast interview that I did will be helpful. Check it out. If you have any questions concerning how to get started, let’s talk.

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