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Strategies for Efficiently Unpacking After an Office Move

When you enter your office as the mover is unloading the last of the boxes, all of the work still to be done can seem very overwhelming. The next item on your office move checklist? Unpack. In order to get back to work, a productive workspace is necessary which means you must be box free and able to find all essential items when needed. But where do you start? This NYC Professional Office Organizer will walk you through the unpacking process.

Assess Furniture Layout

The first step to creating an efficient workspace is making sure that your plan for the furniture layout works. Pay attention to windows and lighting, making sure you have enough light to work but also aren’t getting a glare on your computer screen. Be sure that your desk is positioned so that it is easily accessed. You’ll need to note outlets so that you can connect your computer and other equipment. Focus on this step first so you aren’t shuffling furniture around after you’ve unpacked boxes.

Set Up The Tech Pieces

Once you have your furniture in position, it’s time to install all of your technical equipment. If you have IT expert, follow their lead here. If you are doing the setup, then establish locations for each item. Make sure in setting up your computer that you have enough space to work. Put devices you access multiple times a day closest to your workspace, and equipment like the printer can be less accessible.

Organize Your Desk

Once your furniture is in position, your next focus should be your work area. Unpack the supplies, files and other materials that go into your desk drawers. Put the most frequently used items in the top drawers and action files in the file drawer. Keep current projects easily available as you unpack. Minimize the number of items that go on your desk to your inbox, phone, and stapler so that you’ll have less distractions and more space to work.

Unpack Your Less Used Items

Books, reference materials, and archived files can be the last items that you put away. They need to be least accessible but should still be unpacked immediately. Your objective should be to unpack all the boxes so that you rid your new office space of unnecessary clutter. Once your office is completely unpacked, turning your attention to the general supplies, marketing materials and the like should be the next step while you’re still in the unpacking mode.

The most important thing to remember during the entire office moving process is to be patient. The entire process can take much longer than you would like. Following these office move strategies will get you unpacked and productive in your new space in no time! For more hands-on support during your office move, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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