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Strategies for Making Office Organizing a Priority

It’s one thing to write getting organized on your list of goals this year, but it’s another to take action and make it happen. The truth is that many of us are stressed out and overwhelmed with juggling work and home life, and we just aren’t making office organizing a priority. It’s time to reframe organization in your mind and in your business. This Professional Organizer in NYC urges you to look at organizing as something that is not optional so that you can shift your mindset and start implementing strategies right away.

Start by identifying and focusing on the benefits of office organizing…of which there are many. Here are a few… you will save time, you will be less stressed, you will save money, you will be able to make clearer decisions, you will never miss a deadline, you will be able to locate any item when you need it, you will be able to manage your tasks in a timely fashion so you can spend more time with your loved ones, you will have greater control of your work day, and so much more. What is important to you? Having more free time? Being more productive in your workday? All of these things can happen when you implement office organizing strategies.

You need to ditch the feeling of being overwhelmed. The number one reason people abandon their goal of office organizing is because it can quickly become overwhelming. Instead of managing this situation, it’s easier to just abandon their organizing efforts. But ignoring it doesn’t make it go away. The best way to ditch the feeling of overwhelm is by breaking office organizing down into actionable steps that don’t feel so stressful. For example, instead of attempting to organize your entire office in one day, divide it into zones and start with a small area such as your desk. Once you have organized your desk, you can move on to your filing cabinet or your bookshelves. By taking smaller steps, you will feel more in control of the project, plus you’ll start to see the benefits of organizing even before you complete the entire project, which will encourage you to take the next step!

You need to take control of your office. Stop letting your lack of organization control your actions. With the time spent sifting your way through the clutter in your workspace, you are quickly losing time, money, and opportunities. The only way that can change is if you take action. Make the decision to make office organizing a priority for you and your staff. Your productivity and efficiency will increase, and so will your bottom line. Even more so, feeling less stressed at work makes your office (and your relationships) a much happier place!

So as you move forward this year, don’t let overwhelm and lack of time control your actions. Use these tips to make office organizing a priority and reap the benefits all year long. For more hands on office organizing tips and strategies, reach out to this Professional Organizer in NYC.

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