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Support America Recycles Day with Help from Your NYC Professional Organizer

America Recycles Day

Friday is National “America Recycles Day.” But, that’s not the only reason thisNYC Professional Organizer is thinking about the how, what and whys of recycling… It’s a smart time to think about recycling because we’re going into the holidays, and, as you know, we accumulate a LOT of trash this time of year. In fact, much of that trash may not actually need to go straight to the garbage can – it may make sense for much of it to make its way to your local recycling center. Not only will this help in organizing paper clutter, it’s better for the environment!

Let this NYC Professional Organizer help you celebrate America Recycles Day, answer some common recycling questions and help improve your organizational habits with some tips for the savvy recycler:

Create a Recycling Station

Even the simplest of stations will keep you and your family enthused about recycling and offer help organizing paper clutter in your home. It will also help to minimize your family’s waste, and ensure you’re making the most of your garbage – potentially transforming it into a future treasure! Keep these items in mind when creating your recycling station:

– Simplicity rules! Utilize as little as one additional bin for collecting anything that can be recycled.

– Keep your recycling bin next to your most-used trash can, so it’s simple to separate those items to be recycled.

– If you have the space, consider multiple, smaller bins/containers to help in sorting recyclables.

– Label everything so all members of your household can easily see which items go where.

– Keep a box for recycled paper in or near your home work station/office – this not only offers help organizing paper clutter, it puts those scrap papers to use when you need them to jot down notes and take messages!

Know what can be Recycled
So many items now have the potential to be turned into something else – know what can be recycled so you don’t toss too much unnecessarily. The America Recycles Day website has a recycling decoder, which will help you consider many recycling possibilities you may never have considered.

What to Recycle

Your local recycling center many not be able to best utilize everything you have to offer for recycling. Consider local businesses that could benefit most from your recyclables. Perhaps the animal shelter could utilize your unwanted newspapers for animal bedding, or an after school program could use them for paper mache projects? Did you know there’s even a program to recycle used eyeglasses to benefit those in need??? These are just some of this NYC Professional organizer’s favorites; the options are numerous, you just have to think outside the box!

And don’t forget about all of that holiday gift wrap that can be recycled…!

If you need help organizing paper clutter in your home and creating your family’s ideal recycling station – or organizing anything else for that matter – contact this NYC Professional Organizer today to get started!

Happy America Recycles Day!

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