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Desk Organizing Advice from Our NYC Professional Office Organizer

This month, as many individuals work towards their New Year’s Resolutions of becoming more organized, we’ve stressed the importance of starting small. We’ve discussed strategies from our NYC Professional Office Organizer for creating and maintaining resolutions that you will keep. We shared that choosing a smaller task, like organizing your purse, can create momentum and… Continue Reading »

5 Must-Do’s from Our Professional Organizer in NYC for a Fresh Start in 2014

It’s almost mid-January placing us well on our way into the New Year! Even if you’ve decided against setting any specific resolutions, you may be looking for ways to begin this year with a fresh perspective and on the right foot – getting ahead of yourself, instead of lagging behind. Our NYC Professional Organizer’s list… Continue Reading »

Support America Recycles Day with Help from Your NYC Professional Organizer

Friday is National “America Recycles Day.” But, that’s not the only reason thisNYC Professional Organizer is thinking about the how, what and whys of recycling… It’s a smart time to think about recycling because we’re going into the holidays, and, as you know, we accumulate a LOT of trash this time of year. In fact, much… Continue Reading »