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Tackling an Office Move – Part 1: Preparation

Preparing for an office move is a daunting project with many moving pieces – no pun intended! Before you can tackle a project of this size, you must take the time to prepare. This NYC Professional Office Organizer is sharing the office move project plan in four parts, this week focusing on that first step of preparation.

Assign a project manager. This could be you, but if you are managing other aspects of the move and working on client projects, make sure to delegate this task to a co-worker who has the space to manage it from start to finish. Without a point person in place, steps can easily be skipped or forgotten about altogether, leaving your business scrambling. With one person managing the move, then all information and communication can flow in and out of one central location.

Create a project schedule and timeline. This step is crucial to staying organized during your office move. Treat your move like you would any other large project – have a schedule of when specific tasks need to be completed, with the due date being the date of your move. The timeline allows you to track each step and ensure completion along the way.

Assemble a team consisting of key personnel. You may assign moving tasks to specific people in your business, such as delegating client notification to one team member. You can also assemble a team of contractors – such as movers, packers, and other jobs that need to be completed. Make sure everyone is clear on their duties and related due dates. If you are hiring outside help, include contracts that spell out all specifics and deliverables.

Assess furniture and equipment requirements for the new space. Note what can be brought from your current space, and what you may need to purchase before the move. For example, if your new office has a large conference room and you know you’ll be hosting a meeting in that space within your first week in the new office, you need to make sure that the new furniture has been purchased, will be delivered and set up in time. Make sure to assess your business and its specific needs so that you are ready before the move.

Ready to put part one into action? Download this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s Office Move Checklist!

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