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Mastering the Email Mountain – Tips from the Professional Organizer in NYC

Even though our phones keep us well connected, many of us dread returning to the office after being away as there is still a mountain of emails requiring attention. What was supposed to be a convenience has become a burden to many. But it is possible to keep your emails in order, and not let… Continue Reading »

A Bad Day at Work – Preparing for Disaster in NYC

As my regular readers are aware, I have been focusing of late on the upcoming America’s PrepareAthon and national preparedness month. As a professional organizer in NYC, I consider it part of my job description to assist my readers and clients to prepare for disasters, including those that take place during the workday. Remember: Fail… Continue Reading »

Technology Tips for Hurricane Preparedness

As my regular readers know, when it comes to natural disasters and other calamities I make it my business to be part of the unofficial Team Readiness. As a professional organizer in NYC, I owe it to my clients and to the city I love to do that. The most recent catastrophic event for the… Continue Reading »

Having Little Kids is No Excuse for a Big Mess

Little kids can make a big mess. Toys everywhere, juice boxes perched on tables, teeny tiny shoes and sneakers tossed here and there and pastel colored everything. You get the picture.  And whether you have or had children you’ve probably visited a home that was simply a shambles caused (mostly) by these messy pint sized… Continue Reading »

Our NYC Professional Organizer Reveals the Top Resolutions for 2014

Happy New Year! As I begin my 6th year in business as a Professional Organizer in NYC, it is the perfect time to reflect on all that I have accomplished as well as time to set my sights on my goals for 2014.  I try my best to be realistic when setting my goals so… Continue Reading »

5 Must-Do’s from Our Professional Organizer in NYC for a Fresh Start in 2014

It’s almost mid-January placing us well on our way into the New Year! Even if you’ve decided against setting any specific resolutions, you may be looking for ways to begin this year with a fresh perspective and on the right foot – getting ahead of yourself, instead of lagging behind. Our NYC Professional Organizer’s list… Continue Reading »