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Tech Tools and Tips to Plan Your Office Move

Office-Moving-Boxes-2-2Technology has become a part of our everyday lives, and it certainly is a major part of how an office functions! When preparing for an office move, technology truly cannot be ignored. You can use the latest and greatest tech tools to help you facilitate and organize the many aspects of your move. You also pay attention to the technology that your current office uses, and transferring that into your new office in a seamless manner.

This Professional Organizer in NYC has helped orchestrate many successful NYC office moves, and here are my favorite tech tools and tips to help you get started.

As you begin to prepare for an office move, technology can be your best friend. Moving can be stressful, especially when moving an office, and there are many pieces that need to be coordinated to ensure everything gets done. Instead of committing a list to memory, or even recreating a list with pen and paper, you can let technology help! There are some incredible moving apps for smart phones and tablets that can help make the process easier. You can find apps for creating checklists, setting reminders for movers and payments, and even apps to help create labels and barcodes for your packed boxes. Read more about my favorite apps here.

Another key piece of technology not to be ignored is the technology required for your office to function. When you move into a new home, you can survive without a phone land line and internet for a few days while you schedule time with your cable company. When you move into an office, you truly don’t have the luxury of time. You want to be able to hit the ground running and be as productive as possible from day one! Without phone service and internet, how will your office be making any money? Here are some of my tips to help you organize the tech side of your move so you don’t miss a beat.

The key to a successful office move is using technology to your advantage and making it a priority in the planning for your new office space. This Professional Organizer in NYC urges you to read the above articles so that you can be as productive as possible and enjoy a stress-free office move.

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