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Tech Tools to Improve Focus in an Open Office

Looking for other suggestions to help improve your focus in your open office workspace? Staying on task and tuning out distractions can be a challenge so arm yourself with the appropriate tech tools and you’ll be more efficient. Here are a few suggestions from this NYC Professional Office Organizer to consider when you’re “shopping” for a solution.

Marinara Timer. This online timer is helps manage how you use your time. It offers three different timer functions. The first one is based on the Pomodoro technique. Each work period is the standard 25 minutes followed by a 5-minute break. After you cycle through four times, this timer gives you a 15-minute break. Marinara also offers a custom timer (based on Pomodoro, but flexible to your needs), and a kitchen timer that works like your traditional timer – just set it
and go.

Get It Done. Based on the book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen, this app lets you focus only on what is important for today. Get It Done includes a to-do list, a task manager, can work seamlessly through your email and across your devices, plus allows you to delegate to a team. With tags, notes, and recurring reminder availability, this app is a good tool for keeping you focused and efficient when working in an open office space.

One Big Thing. When working in an open office, it can be easy to start collaborating and then feel disconnected from your to-do list. One Big Thing helps you focus on the one big task you need to complete that day. It’s customizable so you can change the themes and stickers inside the app to match your personality. This app keeps it simple with a plain interface that allows you to schedule in tasks and goals, but only allows you to focus on one large task and a few smaller
ones each day. Think of it as a reminder system that gives you the nudge to get back to work on that one big thing.

F.lux. This app’s approach is simple. It adjusts your computer screen to adapt to the time of day. It warms the screen at night and brightens it during the day. It works automatically, so once you update the app with your location and time zone, it does the work itself. How does this help with focus? A reason people get distracted is because of eye problems resulting from staring at the screen all day. It’s easier to turn away and do anything but work if your eyes are bothering you. By allowing your screen to automatically adjust throughout the day, you’ll be able to stay focused on your tasks without any extra effort.

Staying organized and focused in an open office can feel like a challenge, but when you take advantage of the various apps and tech tools available to you, you’ll be able to improve your focus and productivity immediately. For more hands-on office organizing strategies, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer today!

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