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Tech Tools to Keep You Organized in the Office

With the integration of smart phones and tablets into our daily lives, we have fountains of knowledge and tools at our fingertips! This Professional Organizer in NYC wants you to take advantage of all of the tools available to you so that you can be more productive and efficient in the office.

  • Calendars: Whether or not you keep a written calendar of your activities, including a digital calendar in your everyday life is beneficial. Calendar apps can be synced to all of your electronic devices and you can receive instant notifications of upcoming events which will help keep you on time for meetings and appointments. Two popular online calendars include Google Calendar and iCal for your Apple devices.
  • Project management: When you are working with a team, especially if your team includes members who are working virtually, utilizing a project management system will help keep your projects and tasks organized and in one place. Most PM systems offer mobile versions that will sync up with the desktop version, which allows you to access your projects on the go from wherever you are. There are a variety of systems available. Check out Basecamp and Asana to get you started.
  • Storage tools: We have talked about organizing computer files, and part of that process includes utilizing online cloud storage tools. Popular versions include DropBox and Google Drive. The benefit of utilizing the cloud is that you will be able to access those files from work or from home without needing to bring your laptop back and forth. There are mobile versions, as well, so you can easily access a document from your phone.
  • Note taking: Most phones and tablets come with built-in notebooks, but there are some great tech tools available that provide a vast array of organizing options. One example is Evernote, an app that you can use on desktop and mobile devices, that allows you to take notes and organize them into specific notebooks. You also can use Evernote to store images, receipts, website links, documents, and all kinds of information. It’s easily searchable with keywords and can be organized in any number of ways to fit your needs. The plus – all of your notes stay together in one place!
  • To-do lists: Instead of writing your daily to-do list on paper which can be easily lost, there are many apps available that will keep your to-dos all in one place. There are so many options in this area – check out Remember the Milk and ToDoist to get you started.
  • Password managing: Because of security issues, passwords need to be much longer and more complicated than our brains may allow us to remember, so it’s important to have the passwords in an accessible location. There are secure apps available that will help you store and manage your passwords easily, saving you time when you need to log on to a particular site. Check out LastPass and Dashlane.

The key with utilizing any of the myriad of tech organizing tools that are available is finding which apps work best for you. Many are free, some are paid but offer free trials so you can test them out before buying. Utilizing tech organizing tools will help you remain more efficient especially on the go, and will increase your productivity having access to documents and projects at your fingertips. This Professional Organizer in NYC uses tech tools to keep organized and efficient. Which tools have you used and would recommend?

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