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The Truth About Disorganization: It Impacts Your Whole Life

The truth is… in order to keep up in the workforce, being organized can make you more productive. Being disorganized can hinder your efficiency, hold you back from where you want to be professionally, and can cost you money and clients. By discovering how important organization is to your life and recognizing what happens in your personal life can affect your work life, you can make the necessary changes to improve both! This NYC Professional Office Organizer is diving deeper into the subject…

Why Disorganization in Your Life Matters at Work

You may think that you can keep your personal and your work lives separate, but it’s very hard to maintain a solid boundary between the two. There are obvious ways that disorganization at home can lead to organizational problems at work – like being late for work, forgetting important client files at home, or getting distracted and not sending an important email from home. There’s more to it, though. You may start to have trouble with staying focused because you know what’s waiting for you at home. You might struggle with stress and feeling overwhelmed as a result of your home life which can directly affect your interactions in the office. Time spent searching for misplaced items is time wasted, and the costs associated with missed opportunities due to poor organization can happen daily. Failing to prioritize your tasks can often result in falling short on reaching your goals.

What Can You Do About It?

I often share strategies for organizing your desk, your workspace, and your digital space – and the good thing is that those strategies can apply at home, too! If you want to be organized at home, make it easy to do! This means having a clearly labeled storage space for everything and a clear filing system in place. If the process is too complicated, the piles will collect and grow. Schedule the time to get organized and remove clutter – a few minutes a day will add up especially if you involve your entire family. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel at work and all aspects of your life when you know you aren’t heading home to clutter! Make sure you brush up on your organizing strategies at work, too – get rid of the clutter in your space, utilize your daily to-do list to manage tasks, and keep your social media distractions to a minimum. Consider hiring a Professional Office Organizer to help you get started and make sure you are doing everything you can to tighten up your organizing systems.

It’s very likely that if you continue to live a disorganized life, this will wind up affecting your professional life, too. Once you recognize the problem, you can take the necessary steps to make a change. For more office organizing support and strategies, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer.

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